Learn The 5-Step Process On How I Have Won My New Zealand Residence Visa With No "Highly Skilled Professional" Experience

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Not Everyone is Qualified for NZ Residence Visa - Here's How I Got Mine... Even If I Have NO Higher Level Work Experience...

In 2015 - when my husband and I are searching for a country to settle, we’ve discovered New Zealand is the perfect place to live in.

We tried to apply for a residence visa. But we found out that we did not reach the required points for residency under the skilled migrant category. 

 Hence, we come across a DOABLE STEPS TO PROCESS OUR (NZ) JOURNEY.

In 2016, we were able to fly to New Zealand and in 2017, we’ve got our Residence Visa. That is why many of our clients have followed this process in which we are HAPPY to SHARE.

Interested to immigrate to New Zealand but you don't know where to start?… Not even aware if you are qualified and who to entrust your immigrate journey to NZ?

Then, give me 120 minutes of your time.

And I – Together with my team, WE will show you the steps on how I secure my future and my family here in NZ.

You DON’T HAVE TO BE a Manager, nurse, doctor, engineer, IT, or any highly skilled professionals. As long as you are 55 years old and below. 

Opportunity Awaits you…

Join me personally for a LIVE Webinar on Multiple Time & Date Options Available where I'll reveal the exact process I used - step by step - to gain my residence visa in New Zealand.

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In This Webinar + FREE Book You Will Learn...

  • 5-Step Process. You will learn EXACTLY the 5-Step process that I did to acquire my residence visa. STEP 1 is the MOST IMPORTANT step. Without this, you will fail.
  • Are You Qualified? Here is the BIG TRUTH, not everyone is qualified to migrate to New Zealand. Watch the webinar and you will know if you are qualified.
  • Visa Requirements. You will learn ALL REQUIREMENTS needed for your visa application. No information will be held. SECRETS WILL BE REVEALED.
  • Avoid Visa Decline. A team of experts will share with you the tips, common mistakes, and secrets to avoid visa decline. This will greatly SAVE you TIME and MONEY. NO OTHER AGENCY WILL SHARE THIS INFORMATION.
  • Financial Requirements. Migrating to another country will require an investment. You will know exactly how much you need to prepare. And how to start even you don't have money in your bank.
  • How To Start. You will learn exactly HOW YOU CAN START your migration to New Zealand the RIGHT WAY to save you more time and money.

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